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Work at Papirfly?

We seem to have avoided the credit crunch, there’s still too much to do for too few people. So we need more talented flash developers. Requirements are, in short, good programming skills. We do most of our development in Flex builder and AS3, some older projects are still in AS2. Knowledge of printing processes is a plus, but not a requirement: CMYK colours, ICC profiles, Type1 vs. TTF vs. OT, etc.

You must be willing to relocate – F2F is still better than IM. And willing to learn to speak Norwegian (or do so already).

We’re located in Sandnes, just outside Stavanger – Norway’s third largest and most beautiful city. We offer good insurance plans, a company cabin, really, really nice colleagues, interesting work and excellent coffee.

Take a look at the company web page for more about us. or Contact us at perATpapirflyDOTno (you know how to decode the email address)