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Future of Flash typography

I just saw the presentation of the newly released Text Layout Framework beta on Adobe Labs. It seems to have drowned in all the other announcements from MAX. For us this is great news – our main product (Print) requires typographical precision and we’ve been forced to make complex code and workarounds to achieve the desired degree of control with the current player API.

– text flow between text fields (or the new equivalent). Allow text flow around arbitrary shapes.
– ligatures. Yes! Finally! One less thing to be envious of InDesign for.
– in-line images. Logos, graphics within the text flow? Sci-fi only last year.
– right to left languages. We’ve had projects stopped because FP currently doesn’t support Arabic or Hebrew.

I was waiting for Adobe to update Flex to handle the new FP 10 API and start writing high level text and typography components, but it looks like much of the work has been done for us. Can’t wait for the release version.  Then the integration work begins – we need to implement code to output PDFs that look exactly like what you have on screen.