By Tim

Papirfly is a Norwegian company. We create internet solutions ranging from simple company home pages to complex extranets with lots of custom functionality. We have three flash based products: Print, Banner and Monitor.

Print is a WYSIWYG pdf creator. Typical use is job ad creation. The user can edit all content, but visuals are according to graphical guidelines, i.e. you can create ads very fast and maintain brand identity. Much of our flash work is related to writing a framework for the Print templates and also creating the templates themselves.

Banner is a WYSIWYG flash banner-ad creator. The concept is the same as for print: easy to use, hard to mess with brand identity. The end-product .swf files are super-compact and ready to be sent.

Monitor is, surprisingly, also a WYSIWYG solution. It allows content creation for all those nice new flat-screens in lobbies, shops and airports.  Lots of functionality for work-flow and reusing content.

Let’s stop there before this becomes a pure marketing blurb. We’re proud of the work we do, and we know we’re pretty cutting edge in our admittedly narrow field. The point of this blog is that in the daily work of making our products work and work better, we sometimes come across problems that a search on google doesn’t answer. We’d like to share with the community because we’ve so often benefited from similar blog entries, i.e. the times when google searches gave useful results.


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